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The Smart S-Pro scissors perfectly eliminate the cuticle, cut with precision and accuracy. Its very sharp and thin blades do not require re-sharpening or long time. Extremely easy to use.
The scissors are made of stainless steel from a very resistant material used in the production of medical instruments. Sharpening is done individually for each instrument by a qualified specialist.
It has a clean and precise cut due to the professional manual sharpening of many cutters.

Working blade length - 16 mm

Tool length - 90 ± 1 mm



Power cuticle oils have a strong scent that stays on the skin for 24 hours and thanks to the ingredients in the composition provide perfect hydration.

It is the newest scented oil that you can buy in 3 variants: MYSTERIOUS, SENSUAL and SECRET.

Careful! Apply a little product if you can't stand the strong smell of the perfume.

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It is the newest accessory to display the most beautiful tips or models.

Due to its shape, it gives a special look to your work table.
The support can be placed by its magnet, or it can be placed on a magnetic surface.
It is the ideal mechanism to practice the latest techniques.
The set contains 5 pieces of supports and the base of the ceramic support.

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